IPC-7351B Footprint Expert

IPC-7351B, Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standards, is supplemented by a Footprint Expert software tool that includes a library of over 5,000 component packages with unique manufacturer case codes. The Footprint Expert and component documentation has been developed by PCB Libraries, Inc., in partnership with IPC.

The IPC-7351B Footprint Expert allows users to view IPC approved land pattern (footprint) dimensional data in greater detail than ever before, providing graphical images that illustrate how a component is attached to the land pattern on the printed board. The IPC-7351B Footprint Expert provided on CD-ROM with the purchase of the IPC-7351B publication includes documentation for over 5,000 component packages that is otherwise only accessible to PCB Libraries customers.

IPC-7351B Standard

The IPC-7351B Footprint Expert is based upon algorithms and engineering goals established in the IPC- 7351B standard. Purchase a copy of IPC-7351B online or contact IPC Order Entry at +1 847-597-2862. To learn more about the concepts provided in IPC-7351B, contact Nancy Jaster at NancyJaster@ipc.org or download the January 2005 IPC Review Magazine cover article.

IPC-7351B Footprint Expert Usage

The IPC-7351B Footprint Expert provides the following features:

  • Calculate high resolution IPC-7351B & RoHS compliant land patterns (footprints) directly from component dimensions
  • Export the calculated land pattern (footprint) to any of 18 supported CAD formats
  • Dynamic support for Imperial and metric - easily convert between mil and metric units
  • Pin rename & renumber
  • User definable preferences or define and customize default rules
  • Enter component dimensions using Nominal plus tolerance or Min/Max dimensions
  • One-click rotate/mirror footprint, useful for rapid LGA/BGA design
  • One-click pad shapes supported: Rectangle, Oblong, D-Shape, and Rounded Rectangle
  • Toe, heel, & side solder-joint statistics
  • Padstack editor
  • Automate creation of component manufacturer recommended footprints
  • Calculators for SMD, PTH and Connector component families

IPC-7351B Footprint Expert User Guide

Once installed, select the “Help” tool bar button located on the main interface screen and locate the web-link for the free On-line User Guide provided by PCB Libraries, Inc., that aids in familiarizing the user with the IPC-7351B Footprint Expert

IPC-7351B Enhanced Software Programs from PCB Libraries, Inc.

The IPC-7351B Footprint Expert is a software program that allows users to search and display land patterns (footprints) for standardized component families and to output that data to a number of CAD formats. The Footprint Expert is supported by a “Librarian” Option from PCB Libraries, Inc. that allows users to add and modify library documentation and to save component dimensions to a library file, as well as edits dozens of settings and batch-create multiple parts. For more information on the “Librarian” option, visit the main PCB Libraries webpage located at: http://www.pcblibraries.com (Note: You will no longer be on the IPC Website)

IPC-7351B Land Pattern Naming Convention

The IPC-7351B standard provides an intelligent land pattern naming convention that aids in communication between engineering, design and manufacturing. Containing information on attributes such as component family, pin pitch, pin quantity and lead span, the convention also provides for enhanced search capabilities within the IPC-7351B Footprint Expert. Download the latest copy of the IPC-7351B Land Pattern Naming Convention — July 2010 (.pdf)